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Beautiful Hand Made Yoga Mat bags by Shua and Da

Chris Browning Thailand Chris Browning Yoga

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We are very excited to announce that our Hand Made Yoga Mat Bags sourced and designed by Chris Browning, a yoga teacher in Chiang Mai are now in stock. 

Chris produces the beautiful crafted bags in co-operation with Shua and Da who are local Hmong women.

The Hmong are traditional handicraft makers and the quality of their work is unsurpassed by other sewers in Thailand. The yoga bags are crafted in locally sourced and lovely soft pre-washed natural cotton canvas and make an important contribution to household income for both women.

Shua is a housewife and the most experienced with handicrafts. She works on her industrial sewing machine, with a practiced eye. Da has been mentored by her, she also works as a house cleaner and her husband is a gardener.

Their work is unreliable and seasonal so they are very happy with the extra work. The income from the bags is used to supplement their daily expenses, for food and clothing for their children and to pay the bills. 

Thanks for your support. x 


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